Smoke Damage and Glass/Mirrors

Smoke Damage and Glass/Mirrors

After a fire whole building is damaged and the mirrors and glasses of the house are also damaged. Extreme care should be taken while cleaning the thick soot and smoke residues from the glass and mirrors. All the glasses and mirrors affected by the fire and smoke damage cannot be cleaned by the traditional ways (cloth and water)but los angeles smoke damage repair. This is because the smoke residue is not easy to clean and simple cloth is not enough to clean the smoke damage. For this you will need a newspaper and a good glass cleaner.

First of all spray the glass cleaner on the desired mirror that is damaged by the smoke. Spray a huge amount of glass cleaner onto the mirror or glass so that entire surface is covered with the cleaner. If any space remains without the cleaner smearing could be the result. Now take the newspaper and make a ball from it and start cleaning the surface. Always use a new newspaper when the old one gets saturated with the glass cleaner and the dirt. The glass cleaner will absorb the smoke residue if the newspaper is dry. So do not moist the newspaper. For results, wait for the mirror to dry at its own. A great improvement will be seen. If the smoke damage is severe then the same process must be repeated for more than two times. Surely your mirror or glass will sparkle and shine.

Another process might be adopted to clean up the mirror and glass affected by the smoke damage. In this procedure an alkaline liquid detergent, water, mild dish detergent, plastic tub, gloves, bottle brush, scouring pad and an eye protector. To clean the glass surfaces you make a solution of the alkaline detergent with water. Concentration of the solution should be according to the instructions. Dip the glass items in this solution for 15-20 minutes. Wear the eye protectors and gloves while dealing with the chemicals. Now remove the soot with the help of scouring pad or the bottle brush and then re-soak the glass again into the solution. After 5-10 minutes take out the item and rinse it well with clean water. If the desired results are not obtained, then you can repeat the procedure.

Try to clean up the items as soon as possible. Wait for the glass to cool down. Most of the times the glass could be damaged to an extent that it can break into pieces while cleaning. This breakage is hidden due to the soot.  Soot is acidic and it can make glass surface cloudy. So try to remove the soot as early as possible by los angeles emergency restoration service.



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